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Hi Guy’s,

I am a Forex trader and I’m here today just to show you how I like to trade with this awesome Agimat Forex System that Dennis made Agimat is the best indicator I have ever ever used you guys,

I have been trading for nine years now and like so many traders you know we have the same story I’ve tried this and that they failed the indicators are supposed to be great they were not you know I was struggling I was losing accounts I was guilty of the shiny object syndrome that’s where you you try to buy anything you can any indicator you can follow anybody you can to win trades you know and I went through all that stuff for for years and years and only within the last 18 months I was blessed and lucky enough to find Dennis and the Agimat.

Now ever since I’ve got the Agimat and befriended Dennis who’s been very patient he’s a very genuine man he’s transparent and to be honest he helps you out he’s helped me out so many times and Dennis I thank you ever since I found Dennis and the Agimat my trading has done a 180 I have nothing but win trades Im amazed I’ve amazed myself and a few of  trading friends who knew me before I had the Agimat and they’re asking me locally what in the world are you doing and this is what I’m doing okay so if you’re looking at the Agimat or if you have it looks like this okay when you get it um let’s see here if I look at my my template here it looks like this when you get it okay but I am a tattoo artist and I’m artist so I like to do things a little bit different.

I like different colors so I kind of custom that to do the way I like it is right here same thing just different colors okay now I got so many traders that have attacked me that they’re going ok how in the world are you winning all these trades how are you staying at 90 percent win ratio okay so in all honesty I tell them look at I’ve had Agimat for a long time now you know in the last 18 months and I’ve tested it for hours and hours on demo and I’ve learned what works what doesn’t work as well and it is phenomenal so if you’re interested as to how uncle Lee trades the the uncle Lee way I’ve got the uncle Lee way here is what it is here’s what I do okay.

I’ve bought a trade on is the yellow box with the black arrow what that does that signifies that this current trend uptrend this signifies that the trend is now weakening momentum is dying out and it’s signaling hey watch out trend is going to reverse you want to be aware be on your toes look out and then Dennis has this Agimat meant for alert arrow this is a confirmation that yes now the trend has reversed so now you want to be really sharp on your toes and watch what happens okay he has installed this right here I call it the am line.

Am stands for angular momentum so instead of saying that mouthful of words I call it the AM line and the process is very simple here’s what I do okay you see the trend reverse you get this signal here that’s what you look out for always the yellow box with black arrow if it doesn’t have the black arrow in it I ignore it I do not trade so I’m wait for that first I wait for the  Agimat arrow to alert me and by the way when that pops up on the screen you get this over here this tells you where and win one point to enter the trade if you want to enter at the prompt of the arrow okay but I’m very conservative I like to play safe and here is my method what I do after these two very strong signals that the trend has reversed I wait until I see a full candle body wicking all in this case a sell I wait for it to close a full candle body wicking off to close underneath the am line then I take the next one I take the next candle after I see a full body candle body close I take the next candle and enter the trade this is so strong to me it’s three signals it’s confirming the trend is strong enough to make a trade.

Here let me put on a vertical line for you and I’ll show you okay see there’s a first signal trends reversing heads up here has Agimat Pro alert arrow trend is strong enough it has reversed I’ve waited for a full candle to close underneath the line I don’t take it on the first candle that closes past the am line see the whole body it’s not underneath I don’t take this candle the whole body is not underneath and I don’t even take this one part of the candles peeking over the top of that am line I don’t I wait until I see a full body candle closed wicked all underneath and I take the next candle.

Now let your eyes travel down to the max with equations Maxwell equations is fantastic Dennis put this on here it does act as a future predictor it shows you where price is going to go according to the buys and sells of the retail traders now if I am to estimate how many pips I want to know this is going to go down you guys you gotta use your crosshair tool okay take your mouse left button click on it line up the crosshair tool with the candle that I’ve shown you to enter on line it up on the line here on 234 ma hold left mouse button down and drag it down through the first bottom where you seen now you see groups of numbers you see a three that means I’m three candles over see if I move to the left two candles one candle I’m on the candle say so three candles over I’m on the one-hour chart this tells me in three hours this is where the price is going to be the second group of numbers you see one six nine point seven four seven four that’s going to be the the pips so in this case it’d be sixteen the first two numbers on this 16 pips down say no there’s 20 and the third group of numbers is price okay so if I want to guesstimate how many pips I’m gonna go I come here with the crosshair click on it hold the left button down on the mouse drag it down to right here where I see it I say 3 candles over it’s gonna be it’s gonna be 18 19 PIPS down now when I trade I’m not saying that my way is the best way or the only way no no it’s just uncle anyway what I’ve been doing is taking my trades 10 pips at a time the reason I do that is because I find that if you have a 10 pip TP or take profit it’s very rare after these three signals that the trade will reverse or do a pull back on you.

Such a tight 10 pip frame that’s why you see my wins I have tons of green take profits that have been hit because I’m taking intent of increments okay so after that trade winds and I see that the maximal is still strong it’s promised me promise you me yes it’s still gonna go down I will re-enter the trade over and over again until I see where the maxwell says watch out it’s gonna reverse on you here like it shows it did here and then I’ll exit the trade and go to other pairs okay you understand that let me show you why the way I trade is a safe way here’s a fine example okay let’s say you’ve got the the signals I’m telling you to look for yellow box black arrow my  now some people are taking it the trade just when the white arrow appears boom and look what could have happened or they take it after the first candle closes above this in this case a buy they’ll take the signal above the am line and what happens boom week again the uncle Lee way my way if that’s what I consider safe is what I wait for a full-body candle wick and all to close in this case a by to close above the am line and I take the next candle and enter.

Let me show you get your vertical line fight entered here look at the Maxwell Maxwell says see that it’s going to go up how far will it go up click on the crosshair hold it right where you see it on the 34 ma and the candle your drag it up here we own a one-hour chart it’s gonna go up at least see those first two numbers two eight seven first to them it’s gonna go up at least 28 pips so again I would enter this for 10 pips and win this is what I’m doing to win over and over again.

This is very careful way of trading you don’t want to enter too soon just because the arrow came in or one candle just closed just a little bit above the am line in this case a buy it close above it but not the whole candle so try this way and like so many other members that I talk to on a daily basis that have become my friends online they are also showing the same results I am they’re getting 90 percent and higher win ratio so it’s just a little different way of trading then then what I’ve seen others do and it seems to work really well I felt I wanted to share this with you and also I want to thank Dennis of course he’s the genius the man that came up with this and  course the FSO six harmonic scanner anything the Dennis puts out is like pure gold when dennis talks everybody listens okay you guys have a great trading day and go win some pips.

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