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Hello everyone and welcome to my training video in this video I’m going to share with you exactly how this incredible technology works and how you can use it for your business I’ve had so many entrepreneurs out there and business owners ask me can you please do a training video to show us how this device can work with our existing business and to make things simpler I decided to do this training video and you’ll see that you can use this device for any business and I’ll talk about the different scenarios as we move along so let’s get started.

We’re here to talk about a company a brand new company called royalty that’s created the gem technology now the gem technology is definitely cutting edge it’s what they call a simple and effective proximity marketing tool okay you’re going to see that in a second how this Gem works now the way it works is the company will give you three tiny wireless devices called Royalty Gems the size of this Gem is about the size or a little bit smaller than the size of your car’s remote control okay and you decide the promotional message you want to broadcast from each of these Devices yes you heard that right this little Gem will actually broadcast a message from that device to a smartphone and we’ll get into the details in a second.

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The Royalty Gem sent your message to every Android smartphone within a hundred yards again it sends it to Android not iPhone Android smartphones within a hundred yards now guys when you look at the North America sixty percent of mobile phone users using Android and I believe that number is even greater like 70 percent globally so yes there are iPhone users out there but we are capturing Android users with technology all right we’ll get the details of how it actually works in a second now the best way to explain it is to share with you different scenarios so here’s a scenario of how this device works.

You could be at your favorite basketball teams of stadium right now and this device this little gem is in your pocket or in your purse now there’s 20,000 fans in the stadium and 10,000 of them have androids out of those 10,000 who have android 70% of them have bluetooth enabled okay we all know all of us guys we’re always connected to our cars our headsets everything so Bluetooth is typically on now out of those 10,000 at 70% our Bluetooth enable that’s 7000 possible connections so if they’re within 100-yard radius and guys if you’re not going to measurements like me 100 yards is about the size of a football field so you’re going to capture a large percentage of 7,000 individuals when those 7,000 individuals swipe down on their Android phone which they do about 50 times a day and they crazy we check our phone so often so Android users you guys swipe down to check your notifications and what they’re going to see is your message and your link.

they got the message

Now I recommend that you use a Facebook LinkedIn YouTube Instagram link to promote your product service company whatever it is that you want to promote and the reason its familiarity right they’re going to be familiar with Facebook or LinkedIn or Instagram so they’re probably going to click it so your click-through rates going to be higher now does it mean that you can’t put your own WW your website yes now if it’s secure it’s going to go directly to your website when they click it if it’s not a secure site which is HTTPS then what’s going to happen it’s going to go to one more site which the company does to protect the users and it’s going to say do you want to continue to this web site or continue to website click here and they’re going to click there they’ll take you to your website so if you want to put a WW ask your web developer to make sure your website is secure with that https okay got it guys but going back I recommend Facebook so if you’re currently in a network marketing company you may want to put forward slash your website or your product name or your company name whatever it is you’re promoting and again you can change the notification message so if you’re in a technology company you could say must-see technology if you’re in a travel company you know save money on travel if you’re in a nutritional company you know lose weight fast write whatever company you’re in you can dictate that message and then create that link and then when you save it from your back-office that will update your gem and that’s the message that’s going to come out for your gem.

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Pretty amazing right guys if you’re shy if you’re a dolphin if you’re an urchin you know those personality types don’t worry the gem doesn’t care about your personality type all it cares is adverse Android users with their Bluetooth enabled within 100 yards of you now these individuals these Android users that are within a hundred yards must stay within a hundred yards of you when they swipe down in order to see your message okay it’s called proximity marketing meaning they have to be dwelling around you within that proximity now there is a reason why people say well why is that why can’t that notification stay on their phones forever until they check it out well think about this if you were at a convention and a hundred of you guys had this gem in your popular purse everybody who’s an Android user would get a hundred messages and because it didn’t disappear when they got home they would see a hundred messages on their phone that would be pretty awful for the company right so we definitely don’t want that to happen so we know that they check it 50 times a day so there’s a good chance they’re going to check your No vacations while you’re around them does that make sense ?

So what it’s not here’s a sample scenario of what it’s not you know people driving down the highway right down the street guys the cars are going by so fast remember the Android users must be and must stay within a hundred yards of the device in order to see your notification message when they swipe down all right so maybe it’ll pop on the pop up on their phone for a second but you know cars are going so fast they’ll be way out of your hundred yard range in a matter of seconds and guess what there goes your notification so don’t market it as that type of the device now here’s another scenario that works really well people at the coffee shop or restaurant you ever go to the restaurant or coffee shop and people are constantly on their phones guess what all of those users of Android users are going to see potentially see your notification great stories out of the CEO shared a business owner who owned a boot camp went next door to the Starbucks is right next to his boot camp facility and when he went next door he saw three people three different people in the coffee shop watching his video that he had linked to his boot camp so isn’t that pretty cool you know he’s got his device over there next door and you know the people the customers and the Starbucks are getting his boot camp videos so it’s pretty neat right.

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Here’s another scenario what if you’re at a convention or at a trade show right or a place where there’s a lot of people guys it’s boring at these conventions sometimes and people are always on their phone you are to convention 5,000 people guess what there’s a good chance that a lot of those individuals are going to what get your notification message and go to your link okay all depends on how compelling your message is right so again keep the message simple have a great link that it goes to settings or sales funnel a Facebook fan page whatever is you want to send it to a YouTube video that’s how you’re going to convert viewers into customers or partners okay here’s another sample scenario what if the restaurant itself had one in their restaurant like an Olive Garden rather a Chili’s and now all of the customers while they’re waiting for their food all those Android users are going to get a special offer from the restaurant that they’re in right or maybe it’s going to tell the customer please click here and leave us a great review so it creates customer loyalty so it’s another scenario where this device could be used.

I guarantee you there’s about a million different applications for this current device right high-tech cutting edge technology the the gem is battery powered it lasts two years that’s a long time it doesn’t require cellular data or a Wi-Fi connection you just take it out of the box then you’re up and running okay one hundred meter radius which is one hundred nine yards and so get up to two year battery life guys this thing is powerful okay now how much does it cost very simple pricing there are no setup fees there are no hidden fees when you sign up you’re going to be given three Royaltie Gems that means you can have three different messages and three different links by the way you can change those messages and links as often as you want it just takes up to 24 hours for it to update the cost of all three gems is $49 per month there is a $50 refundable deposit so when you return your gems you get back your $50 okay if you want additional gems it’s $25 per month this is unlimited messaging to all those Android phones okay unlimited messaging currently there is no shipping fee as of today’s date all right so it’s going to be $50 plus $49 making it $99


Okay when you first get place your order now we can leave it right there guys and use it for your business right to promote your business but if you want to earn some extra income then you can go ahead and a join the affiliate compensation plan if you want to join the affiliate compensation plan it absolutely free when you go ahead and place your order instead of clicking order you’re going to go ahead and click affiliate program so I’m going to show you before we get into compensation some of those features in the website that we’re talking about okay so let me go over here and here’s the Royalty Website so this is how it works guys it’s simple instead of clicking order now if you get this affiliate link from me or someone else right that introduced you here instead of clicking there click affiliate program when you go to affiliate program you’re going to fill in your name Social Security if you don’t have one just leave it blank full address city state zip code or province email phone number this is available globally okay it is available globally so if you’re in Australia Asia Germany Russia Africa as you can go ahead and order this it works everywhere there’s a smartphone Android with Bluetooth right you get three gems if you want to order more you can just go ahead and change it up one two or going backwards alright and update that okay I’m gonna leave it at three you it’s optional but I would highly recommend that you put the name of the person who referred you here that was me right or that was someone else you put their name here your credit card information and you hit submit you hit of course your review and accept the terms of agreement go ahead and read that and hit submit and you’re done alright it takes one to two days for you to get your affiliate link and login credentials.

It takes about four to seven days to receive your device in a in the United States and internationally I’m not sure that timeframes can differ depending on where you live all right so let me back up here I’m going to show you guys exactly now how to when you get your login credentials what you’re going to be able to do let me just type it in and get in there what you’re going to do is you’re going to see your profile information and then you’re going to see your serial number the notification text that’s the message that the Android users will see so you can go ahead and change anything you want right I’m going to be mine alone and then the URL of where you want it to go to so this is actually going to my restaurant Best Seafood Restaurant in Orlando facebook-dot-com forward-slash the Jolly Krab you get three devices so you’ll have three different serial numbers the ability to put in three different messages and three different URLs again when you’re done hit submit up to 24 hours it will update and that’s it super super easy to program the gems okay.

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let’s get back to the presentation so now let’s talk about the compensation plan okay the compensation plan there are two types of compensation cash bonuses and reoccurring monthly earnings okay cash bonuses and reoccurring monthly earnings so first of all we have a three end free program if you personally obtained three royalty customers and your $49 a month is now free guys that’s it so this is you right here if you go out there and get three customers those customers can be affiliates they don’t have to be affiliate doesn’t matter right affiliates are also customers if you get three customers then guess what you no longer have to pay your $49 a month it’s gone okay so real good benefit of becoming an affiliate is you can take advantage of this promotion okay so the compensation part one cash bonuses after your first three active customers you’ll receive a $25 one-time cash bonus for every new active customer that you bring on board these are personal sales so these $25 bonuses will be paid in a lump sum payment every time you move up a gem level I’ll show you what that means in a minute okay.

so here we are again you’ll get paid in lump sum so let’s take a look at this first gem level I 3 that’s your first level when you get three active customers you’re going to have your free gems right no more $49 then when you get 10 active customers the company is now going to pay you 175 dollar cash bonus commission one time when you accumulate 30 active customers right they’ll send you another $500 when you get to 60 they’ll send you another $750 so forth and so on and you can see how your cash bonuses increase as you the number of people that you personally sell to increase.

ok that’s personal sales cash bonuses are only personal sales okay I made that clear now let’s move into reoccurring monthly earnings your monthly earnings are based on your total team customers that means whatever you personally sell plus the customers sold by the affiliates date and role now this is not a network marketing company it’s not multi-level it’s an affiliate program you only benefit from your personal sales and the sales of your first level affiliates okay so here’s an example this is you you get customer one customer to customer three they don’t they don’t want to become affiliates no problem they just want to be customers then you get customer four five and six they want to be affiliates great their front lying to you you personally brought them in then these affiliates each bring someone in right this guy brings in affiliate this one just brings in the customer these two just bring in customer only well count that that’s one two three four five six seven eight nine ten that’s ten active customers you’re now going to generate 120 dollars a month in residual Commission’s or residual income.


Now let’s take a look down here you see your front level affiliate they brought in an affiliate that affiliate got a customer you do not does not come as your active customer alright this is not multi-level this is not all tied generation this is just your frontline affiliates when they bring in customers or other affiliates on their front line that considered their customers so they’ll get the credit and so will you it’s a one-level comp plan okay please please please understand that it’s one level compensation plan now please don’t gain the system so if this is you right here this is what you don’t want to see happen you don’t want to see this affiliate joke recruit his wife and and put all of the sales under N because guess what you no longer earn any residual income from that and it’s not fair because you brought Joe into the program right so please don’t get in the system you know be grateful that the person who brought you in right it did that because they wanted you to benefit so they should also benefit from your efforts right so for those of you guys who don’t understand don’t worry that means you don’t even know what you’re doing and you wouldn’t do it but for those of you who do understand.

Please understand you know compensation plans that sort of please don’t get in the system remember what goes around comes around alright so let’s do epical business somebody brought you in go ahead and get customers and affiliates and keep it at back alright hope that makes sense now let’s take a look at the chart remember ten customers in York active customer base which is your personal sales and your frontline affiliates customer sales will make you $120 a month making you 1440 in annual earnings when you get to 30 customers in your base here 360 a month 60 pay 720 as you can see here 500 pages six thousand a thousand Patriot 11 thousand guys this is pretty amazing right the money ten thousand makes you eighty five thousand so you might be in another company right now another network marketing company or direct sales companies stay there keep earning that income don’t leave that company to go here guys this is used to promote your existing company at the same time yes you can generate some extra income and really good extra income but why not have two income streams right don’t leave whatever you’re doing keep promoting what you’re doing use the gems that keep promoting what you’re doing and at the same time.

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Build new relationships with other people who not only want to get their gems but maybe might be interested in your business okay that’s future trainings but guys stay in your business use the gems promote your business show people how it works and of course make some extra income at the same time so here’s a full calculate compensation plan again based on your active customers you move up rank you get your cash bonuses those are only based on your personal sales the monthly earnings are from you and your frontline affiliate sales and there’s your annual earnings pretty pretty cool now.

Here’s some could you have questions you can email info at royaltie. com and these are just things to know takes about 1 to 2 days to receive your welcome email with your personal affiliate link and login credentials it takes approximately four to seven business days to receive your devices in the United States delivery times vary internationally currently sales reports are emailed to you on the 15th of each month commissions are paid on the 15th of the month via PayPal so here’s an example all sales from the minute from May 1st to May 31st are paid on June 15th ok so you’ll get your report on June 15th for all your sales from May 1st to May 31st and you’ll get paid on June 15th ok that simple all right really that simple.

So guys I hope this training was very clear I would watch it 2 or 3 times over so you have a clear understanding this is one of the most powerful cutting-edge marketing tools I have ever seen and I know it’s going to help you grow your business no matter what kind of business you’re in alright I will see you on future tradings take care


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