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Hi everybody my name is Jordan Wexler I’m founder and CEO at

I’m gonna show you how just a couple of minutes and that’s all it takes to sign up the amazing things that we can do for your business let’s go right to the site I’m gonna share my screen so I can show you because you wouldn’t believe it if I told you so it’s better that I show you directly now if you’re looking here you’ll see your here’s the homepage of smartguy now you can go through it you can see that we we have over a hundred thousand businesses that have signed up we’re in currently about eleven thousand cities and what we do is we go into every city and we connect up to fifteen hundred professionals one per category in an exclusive business referral network and then we market them directly to the local consumers in addition we take our businesses and we get them on top of the search engines quick now as you can see I’m scrolling down some of the different things that we do it’s all included in other words you just think two minutes you put your information we take it from there I’m gonna go one by one just so you can see the power of what I’m talking about to begin with.

Let’s go to smartguy right and if I go to smartguy and then I’ll enter any of the many city networks that we managed so when you go to smartguy you’ll see one of the first things it does is it tells you that we accelerate your business automatically with these nine powerful tools let’s say let’s start with Beverly Hills because that’s I have a house in Beverly Hills so let’s go ahead to there first just to give you a little glimpse of what it looks like when you join our team when you’re one of the 1,500 businesses that we connect together so you can see here we’ve already started building the city we have already over 200 members you can see them in the map and you can click in here it’ll take you closer within that area so there’s 60 businesses just in this little area.

if you click it you’ll see it zooms in it shows you where they are etc or you can scroll down you can see the different businesses right in through here these are all businesses that have signed up etc that are in here and each of them has their own editable web page directly in our city you can also search through here so if I’m a consumer I can search through here and I’m looking for whatever I’m looking for okay I choose what it is I’m looking for and I click the professional doesn’t matter once you do it takes you directly to their smartguy page so this is a dentist in Beverly Hills as you can see right in through here and it tells you all about them as you can see into here we optimize towards the phrase best dentist or orthodontist of Beverly Hills there’s a reason why we do this it helps us get them to the top of the search engine phrase for what people are looking for.

It has information about the business their office hours there could be reviews here etc it gives you details on the phone number etc again this is the first thing that we’re doing here with the powerful editable web page the importance of that web page is not just that we made a very very simple page that not only can you change and edit at any time it just takes two minutes and everything is set up the other power is it’s connected to smart guy now that’s very important because it’s giving you that SEO link juice directly to that which helps to get to the top of the search engines, next as you can see right here we talked about how we are creating these high ranking articles so our writers write these articles which quickly get to the top of the search engines because the SEO juice is smartguy so for example let’s say I’m a consumer and I’m looking for a roofer and I go to let’s see cheap let’s see cheapest route let’s say I’m looking for a Rupert cheapest troops to install so I look consumer and I’ll go ahead and I’ll search it okay and I find there’s 11 million results okay and and and these guys are paying to be here most people skip over that and then here’s what Google is saying what is it cheapest crypto and stuff .

okay here’s a smartguy article right here at the top in fact here it is as well so if you look here you’re gonna see this is our article you know cuz it says smart guy right and if you scroll down it’s also right here now if you click on the article I want to just take a second to show you what our articles look like the format is basically the same where we’ll go ahead there’s an image we connect to it the related articles that we have in that industry okay we have the information on the article itself but do you see this right here when you sign up and this is included at no extra charge we put you as the only professional recommended for your city so as our articles are dominating all the search engines they read what it is that looking for him they have a recommended professional so if they go ahead and they click it you’ll see it takes them directly to that professionals web page.

ok as you can see here is a roofer in Beverly Hills now this professional put in a video you can put in your own YouTube video if you want you can see their information here there’s a reviews and through here they’ve also added all of their social networks that’s one of the other things we make it very very easy so they’ve added a YouTube video a link to Facebook Twitter and Google+ all of that right in through here ok they’ve offered a dealer a discount let me see here they’ve been when it was 130,000 its completed while they’ve done a lot of routes ok there’s links here such as the BBB if you have a BBB or Yelp rating so it the point is the webpages make it as you can see very very easy for the consumer to feel good about what it is that you do and contact you right away.

That’s the importance of a webpage these are other people that have already upgraded in their city and you click on them as well just to give you a little feel for what it looks like this is a cosmetic doctor actually this is the guy that the he’s on that doctors show I think once in a while and he does this stuff for the Kardashians so my point is you can see here’s the professional he’s got a video here he’s got his information and the contact information same thing he’s got his reviews he’s got its links etc okay but that’s a little about the articles and by the way you know it’s not just one phrase we make it very very simple we have tons of keyword phrases on our articles what did I put cheapest rooms to us all look even if I shorten it how about just cheapest routes.

okay so I’m shortening it so any consumer across the country you see I’m using an incognito screen there is 2,750,000 results and here it is at the top in fact number one and number two that’s just for the cheapest route so all these consumers you’re getting the benefit let me say this again of all the massive SEO juice mark I does and if your this is just an example if you’re a roofer and they click on this article they see you and again we have tons of articles I don’t wanna spend too much time on that let’s keep going from here so that’s regarding the articles now next of course is the exclusive listing in the local business network as I showed you before our networks will grow to up to 1500 businesses, now you probably already know that the highest quality lead you can get is coming from a referral because they’re trusted etc now when you join smart guy you’re automatically connected to these businesses what that means is these are all businesses willing to provide great service and recommend each other so you can contact them and connect with them ok because remember the professionals are in your city meeting with the same people you want to meet with makes sense

Right next as you can see right here we talked about the consumer directory so automatically all of these businesses we’ve taken and put it in the consumer directory so let me show you what I mean if you look right here there’s information about the city network and then it says for a printable list of all member businesses click here so if you click there it’s going to take you to the consumer direct marketing piece now this is something consumers as I said they like to either print it and put it on the refrigerator just for easy access so if they want an acupuncturist in Beverly Hills or they want a building contractor or they want a gourmet shop or a pool service or a photographer whatever it is they’re not going to go to the yellow pages and because those antiquated we have one sheet and they know I can call this number and and if they want to take more information hey I want to know a little more about the professional they can go ahead and click and it’ll take them right to the page so they can not only call them but they can click and go right to this professional get all the detailed information about that professional.

Again we make it easy oh the nice thing about it also is as these city networks grow and more and more members are are coming into smartguy we then take this consumer direct marketing piece and we through Facebook targeting ads send it directly to consumers in the city I’ve just begun to show you everything that we do for your business for one low monthly fee of 69 dollars a month I haven’t even started yet so if you think it’s amazing you haven’t seen anything yet so let’s keep going down the list next we put you in exclusive listings here in some of our search directories so if you go to local professionals com this is an example of one of our directories these are portals that generate clients for our members so when someone goes to local professionals calm and they’re looking for whatever it is oh I’m looking for an account so they can click on accounts and it’s gonna take them to the accounts page etc or they can go right here and enter the city and go that way but in what it’s doing is it’s providing that information directly to them so this is the accountants that we have within smartguy as you can see there is almost two thousand already,

ok gives you a little information on the group gives you a little information on the articles as you can see right into here remember all of our articles if you’re wondering that’s how they get to the top of the search engines we’ve carefully placed and connected our articles throughout smart guy and other major sites to get them to go quickly to the top of the search engines okay my service is a little slow right now here at home so that’s why you can see it’s still spinning but this is going to pop up a map of the local businesses there’s 2,000 of them ok it’s starting to come up now there’s 2,000 of them so it’s quiring the database there’s 800 or so on this part of the US 400 on this part of the US looks like in the UK in that area there’s about 156 and I can zoom in by the way I can go and you can see throughout German all the different places where the professionals are here also meant a little more you guys can always do this yourself here in the United Kingdom right here let’s go into London in this area so these are just accountants guys so you can have fun with it you can see these are the logos of the companies etc this is really well we’re going right into it anyway I’ve now gone into another big value for you which is the global industry groups this is the global industry group what that means is whatever your profession is we’re not just connecting you with up to 1,500 businesses within your city that all agreed are for each other we’re connecting you with businesses in your industry worldwide so you might have questions like hey how do you handle this issue how do you deal with this customer what do you think about regulations what’s it like over there how are you building your database so this allows you to write comments and interact with all the professionals within your industry.

ok but again if all you want to do it like I was saying in terms of the consumer directory hey I’m looking for a a local professional in Beverly Hills so I just go ahead and click on Beverly Hills and it’s gonna take me right to the professionals within Beverly Hill see it’s only listing the professionals that are in Beverly Hills and if I click any of them it’s gonna take me to that professional remember we only allow one professional per category within each city that’s the exclusivity that we were talking about okay that’s another huge value is the exclusivity once the spots gone the spot is gone okay let’s keep going through it one of the other things that we provide you is as you can see right here is a banner or our badge rather rated req rated and best recommended.

Let me show you what I mean by that so if you have a website I’ll show you an example website that I put it on right here you’ll see that this badge automatically appears okay and then all you have to do is copy the snippet of code we give you put it on your website and they’re gonna see that you are rated best by smart guy this is huge guys and the reason why it’s huge is when people see that they feel confident and the convergence is much higher if this is all that we had it’s worth it for the 69 a month and if I were you I would put this on my homepage and any place where somebody’s gonna sign up for something because at the end of the day it’s all about credibility now if they click it it’ll take them right to your smartguy page so they’ll see all your detailed information etc your ratings whatever you want to provide them.

okay but it’s big we have restaurants that are taking this and putting it in their windshield you know in the front in the the window of their business I have restaurants now copying this and putting this on all their marketing putting it even on their menus because it gets people to talk ok next let’s go down through here we increase traffic to your regular website with an innovative SEO boosting article widget we created let me explain that for a minute it’s actually pretty fascinating so what we’ve developed is a way to get your personal website ranking higher see the way search engines work is there gonna go to your webpage and then let’s say a week or two weeks later they’re gonna go again to your webpage and if they don’t see anything different they’re not gonna check every month maybe there are every week maybe they’ll check every month maybe every two months but it’s gonna go lower and right because there’s not as much relevant data for them right.

The search engines want to provide the freshest quality data for consumers that’s what ranking is predicated on but when you take the widget which is a line of code just like our badges it’s a line of code you put it on your site it’s gonna go ahead and it’s gonna rotate articles it’s kind of hard to see maybe but here’s the line of code you each have your own right and it’s gonna rotate articles from smart guy based on your industry so if your roofer it’s gonna show just roofing articles if you’re a painter just painting articles if you’re a chiropractor just chiropractic articles so when the search in you goes and sees this or like oh great articles related to what they do super right let’s go back sooner next time because the next time to go look they might see different articles a different on the same industry but the content keeps being updated they see quality data now remember another thing because you’re automatically to recommended professional on all these articles and so everybody is doing this throughout the country you’re getting more juice I hope I’m not talking to class you’re getting you’re getting all the stuff that I’m going through I know this sounds like a lot of stuff but guys two minutes it takes two minutes to your information all this is automatic other than you got a copy this code and put it on your site but that’s pretty simple finally we were getting such massive results people were like well how many how many pages how many hits are getting to my page so we’ve added an integrated tracking tool okay so when you log in you’ll be able to see exactly how many hits are going to your smart guide page how many impressions over the last 24 hours.

Over the last week over the last 30 days okay we provide that so you can in fact see that now one last thing I want to go through it’s actually pretty fascinating so we’ve had a lot of restaurants contacting us because restaurants even the problem is minimum wage is going up and as you know this puts a lot of pressures of pressure on restaurant owners okay they get smart guy works for any industry I’m just speaking for a second to the restaurant owners out there when you use smart guy we do something even better we do this for all industries but check this out so a restaurant called us up says I want you to write a custom article on my business and what is it that you do and he goes well I sell this thing called sliders I don’t know if you’re familiar with sliders they’re like these little burgers very popular on the west coast and I think White Castle originated the concept you know back many years ago so the point is I said okay well so you know how are people finding you he goes first of all let me tell you I’ve been in the business for thirty years okay literally thirty five let me show you because we actually created a page because of the fact that he he had such great success.

If you go to and you’ll see here’s the actual video so he came to us he said I need to get up to the top of the search engines he goes I’ve tried average and you can watch this in the video I’ve tried to advertise magazines and newspapers and I’ve tried flyers I’ve tried these Instagram blasts to local foodies I’ve been paying 1,500 a month I own three restaurants just on this one new restaurant nothing works so literally and again you you can hear from him by going to this video yourself within seven days it was amazing his business went up twenty to thirty percent in fact he wrote us and this is how we heard about him a letter which you can go and you’ll check out on the site where he specifically states how he’s tried everything how he knows and what we did is we created an article I so what do you need he goes I want somebody who’s gonna go to Google and they’re looking for sliders in Los Angeles and the find me.

Okay I want to be known as the guy who has the best sliders in Los Angeles so we created the article we optimized it on smart guy and sure enough and you can check it yourself in fact you can google best sliders in Los Angeles you’ll see the article you’ll see where it says smart guy in the linking go ahead and click it you’ll see what I’m saying effect you don’t have to just say best sliders in Los Angeles you could say sliders Los Angeles you could say Los Angeles sliders a number of different combinations in his articles the point is so when he did that all of a sudden he started getting these people coming and hey congratulations and he didn’t even know what they were talking about and and the reason why is in the article what we’re doing is we give him that best you know you could actually see it right here we give him this certificate it’s on the article where we give him the seal but he’s also gotten a printed copy of this and he put it on his door the point is and again you can go through it and you can see okay it’s grown so much for him he started with one restaurant he’s now put it on all three of his restaurants but the idea behind that is if you say to yourself hey I want to try smartguy it off first how much write an article and what we charges if you want to do it that was just $ we have our article writers set it all up we connected on  smartguy we raise it and try and get it as high as we can on the search engines.

You see the benefits of it and after that if you say oh my god this is great and you want to be the only seafood restaurant in your particular city or the only painter in your specific etc you can lock up your spot 469 of them all right again I wanted this to be a quick overview if you have any questions excuse me you can contact your local city network leader many of our cities across the world have a specific city network leader you can talk to directly so you can if they be emailed you this you can content contact them back or you can call me directly believe it or not I get a ton of emails but it’s the CEO I like to get in touch with the local customers and businesses that we do business I like to stay in touch with them for any questions they have or comments etc so you can email me directly at Jordan at smart guy comm Jo are da n at smart guy comm I hope you have a little inkling but in summary again let me just say add your business in two minutes make sure you upgrade to premium otherwise it just gets it stuck in there for pending right you gotta upgrade to premium for $69 a month and when you do you watched the results all right I want to thank you for taking the time to listening to me look forward to your success.


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