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Hello and welcome to some behind the scenes of the first test of the BD now just to prove to you this is actually the first time I’ve got my hands on it this here is the BD file now it’s not that complete it’s not the complete package you know that all my members will receive is literally that algorithm so the actual way the Binary Destroyer delivers its its signals is in this file.

Now we’ve got a new logo and we’ve got kind of fresh new design and the way the BD looks that is not in this this is literally juice the algorithms I want to make sure that everything’s working fine before we worry about the cosmetic side of things there I mean I would change in the logo and the way it looks so what I’m gonna do is I’ve got this on demo at the minute I want to actually just have our first test with it first live session so what I’m gonna do okay is as you can see I’m gonna copy and paste this new file in.

I’m going to drag and drop it in to where’s a file here so I’m gonna drag and drop there we go we’ve got the Binary Destroyer v5 the Binary Destroyer  v6 so I’m gonna reload this and then close that, I’m gonna reload my mt4 I’m gonna run this on demo and yes I don’t know what it on live I’m gonna run this on demo and we will see how well it performs today.

I’m actually really excited for this so the changes we have made for this now for us the Binary Destroyer one two three and was rubbish they were terrible in terms of up-to-date technology the algorithms were perfect we made lots of money with those but it wasn’t until the five was released that the five was an actual game changer. the reason being the five was so good was because we managed to speed up the binary destroyer by five at you by 50 times so when you install mt4 onto your computer it will use a lot of processing speed because it’s a very you know it sucks in a lot of energy because it’s constantly providing data for you to obviously trade and that uses up a lot of processing speed. so when you add indicators to that those indicators as well are you know absorbing processing speed and if you have a lot of indicators it can slow down your computer and this is where you get kind of lag in like an mt4 for you mt4 slows down you get late signals everything like that now the was a game changer.

okay it completely speeded everything Corp it did not lag your computer down now the v6 is even better because it’s going to be using our 2019 technology we like to update it every single year now as you can see here okay we’ve got basically four indicators the zones in fact five the zones the arrows the clock the trend – now that is four indicators loaded up on your charts that is potentially slowing down your mt4 and processing speed now what we have done now is we’ve now combined into one indicator one file.

Okay so in fact I’m just going to load everything up alright so this is my first install right-click no in fact I wanna insert indicators custom so yeah this is now using watch this first click FX learning yep boom in, okay I did not hold on let me just I’m gonna change it white so you can actually see there we go I’m gonna insert it again because I don’t think I accept DDL imports which is important because this connects to our server so go, you look at that look at that so we don’t just because of one file now one file we’ve now got and we’ve now got everything just on one file, now what this means is these zones we’ve completely remodeled as owns completely remodel I’d imagine can see the zones are different and the arrows are slightly different as well the reason why we’ve done this is because we want it to give us signals when the price goes outside of the zone so that means that means that both the zones and the hours have to talk to one another okay.

So we kind of had to integrate them together which means we had to change them and you will see this here, okay we have now got a lot more settings look at all these settings here and there’s a lot of settings I haven’t we got pullback mode on ATR enabled trade alert alert on bar and we’ve also got alert on here alerts on alerts off so what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna change all this okay I’m gonna change all this too and insert the zones so what I’m gonna do okay is I’m going to pause the video I’m gonna load this on 10 currency pairs now and I’m gonna have a little play around with it I’ll play the video again and I’ll leave it running and we can take some trades and I’ll see how it performs.

So what I would do is I’ll be back in a couple of minutes, high right so I’m back and I’ve loaded up on all hang on here usd/jpy zone range was broken down what does usd/jpy let me look usd/jpy okay usd/jpy zone range was broken so that’s telling me that the price has entered the zone okay you know for the record this is literally the first time so I’m trying to get my head around what the new 6.0 is telling me now I’m guessing this is the right settings there was a lot of new settings for this for me to kind of get my head round and I’m guessing enable trend alerts what’s this only if zone approved signal I don’t want that zone enable zone alerts I don’t want the zone alerts okay I’m not interested in that all I’m interested is to give me a signal when the price has broken the zone okay.

What I’ve done everyone is to set everything up to the one minute time frame because I want to try and speed it up and I’m gonna have to  bring up my broker as well like this and in fact I’m gonna set everything like this  pull that mode on pull that mode on pull that mode on pull that mode on on on on off on alerts on alerts off right I believe we are good to go I believe I hope I have clicked the right settings like I said this is using our you know this is using 2019 technology we like to update the indicator every single year so every single year around Christmas time I’m like a little child because I’m super excited to find out what news features and new settings we can include in the binary destroyer.

So yeah this is gonna be I mean like I said now this is literally just one file okay so it’s as you can see it’s super super gonna be super quick and it’s not going to slow down your mt4 it’s going to be easier to install and then obviously we’ve got all these new features here and the plan is an able trend alerts. so I’m guessing the  Binary Destroyer only gonna give us signals with the trend I’m guessing that’s what that means and like I said this is the first time I’ve tested this so hang on let me just see I’ve got an arrow here let me see if it gives me an alert here because the old signal arrow would give me an alert here when this signal appears if it doesn’t give me an alert here this means that it’s working and I’m gonna get a signal you’ll only give me an alert when the price enters the zone at the top here where we get signal our outside the zone.

So let me wait for in fact there we go so we haven’t gotten alert that’s good this is working that means it’s good so that means when I  do get a signal now it’s gonna be when the arrow let me show you what I want it to do and I want it to give me a signal like hold on like zoom out okay like this at the top I want it to give me an alert when we get a signal arrow outside of the zone so here okay this is what I want it to do only give me alerts when this arrow is outside of the zone and as you can see that you know it drops nicely now there are so many different settings for this so many different settings you know we I could sit here all night but I just want to make sure the algorithms is all working and everything so what I’m going to do is I’m not going to sit here for it on hope AUD range was broken down so aud/usd AUD way aud/usd aud/usd here we go so price has entered the zone which is good but hold on again this is I need to turn these alerts off wait a minute.

So it’s giving me alerts when the price has entered the zone and I don’t want that I want it to give me alert when arrows outside the zone and what I’m going to do everyone is I’m going to pause the video and wait until we get a signal because I mean I don’t know how long we get our first signal I hope we do get my first signal very very soon because then I can jump into a trade and we can see what the result is so what I’ll do everyone is I shall pause the video and I’ll be back hi everyone so I got my first alert on nzdusd and I forgot to press the play button and and I can’t bring it up again I can bring the notification off but look at this signal so it gave me a signal notification pop top arrow was outside of the zone popped of a notification and I got into a trade and as you can see it’s actually going nicely in the money so like I said this is just testing at the minute and so this is all on demo but it worked it actually worked it gave me a notification so exciting times and it’s gonna be a winner first trade is going to be a winner.

I had everything set up like this and i’ll see if i get a another i was hoping to get another signal well not another signal but a signal on USD chef if i get a notification here what i did notice though was and it gave me an alert here on this candle and i think that’s to do with the settings because like I said there’s loads and loads of different settings now and it was to do with this alert on current bar so do I want it to give me a signal on this candle or this candle so I gave me a signal here but the actual signal happened a minute ago so I’m going to change that to alert on current bar which is true only if zone approved signals.

So this is this is what I’m saying about the zones give me a signal when an arrow appears outside the zone that’s obviously on show message place sound send email alerts so we can have email alerts we can have push notifications and so yep I would almost going on here in fact there we go so yeah so I’m going to set everything like this again and I will actually the next time I get a signal I will actually play will actually play the notification so yeah as you can see four minutes to go and we are going nicely nicely into the money and you know it’s exciting times exciting times in fact I’m gonna take a photo of this and I’m going to share it in the whatsapp group so I’m going to take a photo yes there we go and I’m going to send it hold on somebody’s just I’m just in the whatsapp group and somebody called this same trade somebody actually said this same trade and they said it’s bouncing off a 1-hour resistance line let me just check something okay let me just check the one-hour I can’t see where you get a one-hour resistance zone from oh yeah here we go one our resistance zone yeah yeah it is actually bouncing off the one our resistance zone so that is why this was a beautiful winner.

I’m going to put everything like this again and I am gonna pause the video and I’ll come back when I get another notification and I’ll play the video this time and get into another trait so I shall be I should be back alright just got a signal aud/usd binaries show a signal down yes yes yes there is a signal that is a signal and it’s giving me an alert again in fact what was this aud/usd let me get into this quick and I’m gonna take a 15-minute fact oh damn damn missed it should have got in when the price was off there not a problem it gave me an alert let me just are deleted alert I wanted to find out work when it gave me an alert was it on that candle or was it on no in fact it must have been on that candle wasn’t it let me just have a look alert on current candle what does that mean and what does that mean alert on curling candle we’ve got a signal so it’s working there’s definitely definitely working I definitely got into this trade late there’s no denying it I got into that trade late but it doesn’t matter because there we go I agree enter now there we go we entered there we go we entered at a better price so in fact I will we enter again there we go we enter the end oh so we won that trade that trade what was that trade on we won our first raid our first trade with the BD would that signal there look at that signal beautiful beautiful beautiful.

Jamie Palmer Owner of The Binary Destroyer


okay so now we are on our second trade and I’m going to call that a day after this oh oh call my second trade nice and I’ve gone for another quick in fact I’m gonna focus screen shot this again for the members there we go second second signal right and yeah so what I’m gonna do everyone look if you zoom in you can’t see this I don’t know if you can see this but the trade that I first took down here was way way way too late but the two trades that I got in secondly at the top here it was where I would have originally got in and a top tip obviously if you are going to be trade in the one minute time frame you’ve got to be quick with your entries quick um you know no messing around in and out because obviously if your get signal and then two minutes later you get into a trade.

I mean look at that drop now yes yes yes to new with the BD exciting times in fact that is proof look I haven’t read doing any analysis and hopefully these win I’m just going to zoom out I’m going to look at the look at the one-hour time oh look we’ve got a nice we got a nice resistance area on the one-hour chart you’ve actually got a double top look at this this is just using a bit of price action look at this look at this double top here you see that price pulls up pulls down bounces off double top drops so you go over to the one minute time frame okay we see our alert and the price drops look at that if you look at the bigger picture can you see in fact let me go to the 5-minute can you see the big idea of this you see the bigger picture the double top you see it better on the 1-hour you see the double top if I might see it better on the 30 minute we don’t see the double top see so you switch over.

I got so excited I actually I actually clicked exit on the screen record so I’ve had to start this again but look can you see you go over to the 1-minute chart so you get the signal drops into the money and so yeah I’m going to leave that there as you can see to straight away with the BD  yeah I’m taking out this is game changer you can’t see this or you can now hold on no you can’t see this can you see no you can’t let me try and just trying to show you something yeah you can’t see this right but I have got one two three four five six seven eight I’ve got ten pairs loaded up and I never you know I rarely get I never really trade ten pairs and basically I’ve just done in half an hour two-nil off ten pairs so yeah I am happy with that.

So yeah I’m going to pause the video and I’ll be back again in five minutes time so we have got 45 seconds to go before these come in and the first trade lost but you have a to where we got it where we should have gotten have coming to the money nicely um I was just scrolling let me just cover this just scrolling to see if any more signals appear I’m just gonna flick food and no no no no no no and no so yes and there we go our first first testing of the and we just had to nil um I’m gonna carry on with this testing like I said this is literally the first day you see me install it and hopefully I’ll do another video later this week and I can carry on and tell you how it’s been performing and yeah thank you for watching

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