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Jeff Urch here welcome to my Traffic Victory review I'm here inside of the training and I'm going to give you a full overview and a walkthrough exactly what is involved in traffic victory later on inside of this review now in a nutshell what traffic victory is.

it's a training course on SEO okay it's gonna teach you how to rank your sites to the top of Google and it's also gonna show you how you can profit from this now this is brought to you by a guy called Mark (I have Marc's course and I love it) and  is he's renowned in this space I know him quite well and he's renowned for making review sites and making a lot of money from them now on the sales page which I'll show you in a second it says around one hundred to two hundred dollars per day that is on the low end.

Okay I know Matt Gray is making a lot more money than that because I see him on a lot of leader boards so I know that this strategy works and it's to be honest it's one of the best courses that I've seen on SEO and one of the most newbie friendly and I'm not saying that to be all hipey and to get you to buy it that's the truth okay I review a lot of products on a daily basis I see a lot of good stuff and I see a lot of crap and this is in the good stuff category okay so for the price that these guys are asking for it it's an absolute no-brainer.

So if you get this you're pretty much guaranteed to make money it's as simple as that if you get it and you follow through the training and what it's teaching you you are gonna make money I can guarantee that okay if you implement the training and you take action on it so for those of you that would like to pick up traffic victory through the link which is down below in the description of this video you'll come through to this page right here if you click on that link this is my bonus page where I host all of my bonuses and if you'd like to pick up Traffic Victory at any time during this video all you need to do is click on the link down below in the video description first of all compute this page scroll down and then click on any of these orange peach Buttons before the countdown timer runs out because when it does this page will expire and so all the bonuses that I've put together for for you and that's something I don't want you to miss out on because I've spent a long time putting these custom bonuses together so that you can get the best out of Traffic Victory as possible.

I'm gonna be giving you access to all the bonuses that the vendor has given to me to give to you guys and I'm guessing that this alone is what most of their affiliates are gonna be offering so I'm throwing it in there as well just so you're not missing out by buying by in my link and these are going to include Twitter traffic boost marks free Facebook traffic method and exclusive mastermind access okay you can pause the video if you want to have a read of exactly what this is because these are from the vendor okay so I don't really know much about them but I'm gonna be giving them to you as well okay so to claim all of these bonuses you all the all that you need to do is simply click on the link down below in the description this video come through to this bonus page right here scroll down click on any of these orange buttons to go through to the sales page which looks like this where you'll be able to purchase Traffic Victory I have just checked and it's still $17 so it's totally worth it but anyway to pick up my bonuses all you need to do is is go through to the sales page and purchase Traffic Victory and then all of these custom bonuses that I just talked to you about and the the vendor bonuses are going to be available to you inside of your jvzoo account.

so as soon as you've gone through checkout you'll just go to JVZoo click on my purchases you'll click on Traffic Victory and then there will be a little blue Button down here which is gonna say bonuses from Jeff and that's where all of these bonuses will be waiting for you instantly on the inside soon as you've gone through checkout so if you do click on any these orange buttons you'll come through to the sales page which looks like this attention paid traffic prices have skyrocketed in 2018 read on for what to do about it case study how mark builds free traffic machines that bring in a hundred to two hundred dollars per day in passive affiliate commissions and how you can set up as many passive traffic machines you like with as little as twenty to thirty minutes per day. now one thing I do like about this headline and about this sales page in general is it's not hyped up it's not blown out of proportions like a lot of other sales pages are they have kind of make 2000 dollars in the next 15 minutes by pressing this button which we all know is BS okay but this one isn't okay and I know that these figures 100% realistic I mean so I know that this system works and I'm doing something pretty similar except I'm using video instead of websites now.

I know that video isn't for everybody there's a lot of people who don't want to put their face on camera they're not comfortable with being on camera if that's the case then this is for you because all you going to be doing is making a review website and you're gonna be ranking it onto the first page of Google and doing pretty much the exact same that I this thing that I do with video except you don't need to show your face on camera hide behind you can you computer screen I guess so yeah it's a great way of making some money and like you set these up okay it takes you 20 to 30 minutes it's the same with video you put it out there and like some of some of the some of the reviews that I've done like today I had a sale from a review that I did two months ago you know so once you get it done it's out there and it's just generating money it's just generating money and and and you know some people sometimes I have sales from stuff that I've done six months ago you know and I regularly get sells from from reviews that I did like last week so it's really like a passive little cash cow you do it once you put it out there and it brings in money.

okay so easy sorry fresh case study 100% free traffic yes the easy free traffic method for 2018 yes passive affiliate commissions after initial setup yes complete step-by-step traffic method absolutely 100% newbie friendly kind of okay there are a few things inside of here that antso newbie friendly but generally I mean you don't need to know stuff like coding design work or anything like that it's really not that technical works in any niche absolutely no paid traffic or product creation yeah so it's really good okay most methods are generating traffic in fact okay I'm not gonna go through the rest of the sales page with you because you can go and read through this on your own and buy me kind of holding your hand walking you through this selfie this selfie age is only gonna it's only gonna waste time when you can go and read through it on your own okay there are some some an income report income earning record some there that are realistic they're not blown out of proportion you're not seeing like three or four figures on there which isn't gonna happen for newbies okay this is realistic kind of sorry three figures is realistic for newbies for five figures a day not very realistic for newbies but still I like the sales pages realistic okay it's not blown out of proportion it's not filled up with a load of crap so go and have a read through it okay it's pretty robust go and check it out in your own time you can you can go through to this sales page by clicking on the link down below in the video description coming through to my bonus page here okay and then clicking on this peachy orange whatever amber button they'll take you through to the sales page.

okay I'm gonna jump into the backend now because I've spent enough time talking about my bonuses in the sales page so it's broken down into five modules each module is is filled with videos like module one alone you got one two three your three videos in there module number two you've got one two three four five six seven and these are not like two minute videos like you see in a lot of other courses these are full in-depth videos like this one is 27 minutes long okay this one here 33 minutes long so you can see this is really neat leaving knows no stone unturned he's covering everything 23 minutes long so the average video time is around 20 minutes long so there's so much information in these videos is it's it's mind-blowing and actually spoke to mark the day that he was recording these videos he'd been up since the morning and I spoke to him around 8 o'clock at night and he lost his voice a case he said he couldn't he couldn't he couldn't even think anymore because he poured so much of his time into into making these videos so a ton of golden nuggets in there alright so I'm gonna start from module 1 I'm just gonna give you a quick description of what's going on here.

So that the first video you got the overview why make money online site income and making contacts video number two is a results overview video number three way marketing site okay and then you get into module number two and this is where it starts kind of taking off choosing a domain name okay buying domain and server installing WordPress different plugins and user ID the theme of your site widget sitemap and more setting up your site for traffic okay so it's it's not only showing you how to make money using this method it's going right from step number one okay right from a Greengrass new be showing you how to get a domain by hosting put it all together with a wordpress installing WordPress put in all the plugins and stuff telling you exactly what you need to do finalizing your site okay we're into module 3 now SSL Certificates adding the sites to CDN and important prefixes site setup done time to make money and then we start getting into where are we module number four this is where the the exciting stuff begins I guess social media what to promote bonuses create reviews maximize your traffic review plugins and schema and then module number five is on video one on page SEO off page SEO seven day SEO plan conclusion and what is next bonus press releases okay so a ton of information in there and and I mean this this cost could easily sell for $295 and it's ridiculous that it is actually selling for $10 so and there's a ton of unannounced bonuses inside of there as well that you can get your hands on to so it's going to take you from green grass newbie to SEO expert being able to set up these review blogs and pulling in passive income from each page that you make on your blog okay and like I said at the beginning of this review I guarantee that you will make money with this if you implement it the way that mark is teaching you.

I can 100% guarantee the people that are not going to make money out with this are the people that give up the people that think it's too difficult the people that are looking for just a push-button system where they think they're gonna push a button and in 15 minutes and money is gonna fall out of the sky okay those things don't exist yes this is gonna take a bit of work to set up but once you get into the swing of it once you get the hang of learning how knowing how to set up these pages all you need to do is just rinse and repeat rinse and repeat rinse and repeat you're not gonna have to put your face on video you're not gonna have to create videos you're not gonna have to create any products it's probably one of the simplest ways to make money online without having to resort to video marketing okay if you are a speaker of a second language you're not confident with your your your your English skills to be on video you can totally do this okay if you're from from a different from a different country you can totally do this okay it is really really easy the only reason why I don't do this is because I like being on video okay I like creating video reviews I don't enjoy writing okay that's why I do videos otherwise I would totally do this method and if you don't enjoy writing you can even outsource the writing to to a writer for pretty cheap you could probably get the whole article outsourced for less than ten dollars.

So that's an that's an even more passive way of making some money so anyway that's my review done I'm gonna talk to you about the prices and the upsells right now you can follow through with this with me if you like by clicking on the link in the video description down below or down below this page ok scroll down you can you can read about what this is all about okay now there's a bit of a funnel going on here everything I just showed you on the front end is a brain there's a no brain engligh gobsmacking lee stupidly ridiculously low price of 95 and I say that because I think he should have at least started this office 17 dollars because of the the amount of effort they put into this some crap products released at this price that are worth nine ninety five but this is well this is this is worth way more than nine ninety-five okay.

The first upsell is twenty seven dollars and this is a case studies pack so it's a case of these bundles showing you over the shoulder some of our best results following the traffic victory method customers well you can copy and paste these ideas to get results faster they will be exposed to a second traffic source as well to help them double their traffic now I can tell you what this is this second traffic source is going to be YouTube so if you if you don't want to be on camera don't pick this one up okay the case studies although they are going to show you results this method is to do with launch jacking which means that it's only really gonna work if you if you set this this page up in time for a product that is launching in the future say a couple of days away these case studies although they are going to be in-depth they're going to show you some good results you are not going to be able to replicate these because they're going to be from products that pack that have that launched in the past and because the launch period is over it's going to be difficult to get sales from them so don't expect to copy and paste these and use the exact products that they were promoting okay it's not gonna work so I would buy this this this first upsell if I wanted to know a bit more about the case studies to see some of the results see how much these guys are making and also if I wanted to know about YouTube which is the second traffic source if I don't want to make if I don't want to put my face on camera I'm not interested in YouTube and I don't really care about these case studies then I wouldn't bother getting this personally I would not buy this but it's up to you okay.

upsell number two however is a done-for-you pact this is $27 and this one I do actually recommend because for $27 you're gonna get 90 best proven niches including the best offers to promote in each of the 90 niches okay so they're going to give you 90 different offers to promote in 90 different niches so that is gonna take you at least a month to do all of that so you're gonna have enough to be getting on with and these are the best profit profitable office to be promoting it's all kind of done for you so it's gonna take away the learning curve it's gonna take away you have Interpol you know hours into this trying to learn how to research stuff okay you get done for you keyword research in each niche keyword research alone does take time okay you can outsource this but it will cost you money but it does take time in it and there's a little bit of an art involved so having this all done for you is really gonna take all of that learning curve away okay giant risk repository of royalty-free images you can use in your posts great that's that's good 15 high-quality bonuses you can give away to boost your affiliate conversions okay I really like this upsell you gain a ton of bonuses you can use to give away you get 90 proven niches and products you can use to promote your getting all the keyword research done for you getting free images as well so I am definitely gonna recommend that you get upsell number two.

Probably not gonna recommend you get upsell number one but that's preference is a matter of choice okay up cell number 3 is resellers rights now what this is is it's going to enable you to resell it's going to enable you to sell traffic victory essentially as your own product okay is a bit like a business in a box all you were going to be doing is sending traffic to this sales page and if any of that traffic buys traffic victory you get to keep a hundred percent of the profits from all of from the front end and all of these upsells okay and for thirty seven dollars that is a really cheap resell rights package most resell rights packages are gonna cost upwards of ninety seven dollars for thirty seven dollars that is a no-brainer because all you gonna have to do is just send traffic and you can make a lot of money I mean even if you just sold one front end and one of these OTO s you've already made your money back and then anything after that is just cash in your bank account so that's a really good way of making some money if you're interested in doing that then pick upsell number three.

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