Welcome to my Site


Welcome to my Site:  My Name is Jeff Urch I live near Bath in the UK.

I will be talking about all things Online Marketing, I started this Website to review and present you with Help and Training when choosing Software and products to assist you in your Online Marketing Venture. I will also provide you with Free Tips and Tricks of the Trade that will help you in your Business.

There are people out there happy to relieve you of your hard earned Money selling Magic Button Items that just don’t work.
I have over 10 Years experience trying different products some which worked and made me Money and some which did not !
so hopefully I can help you to avoid the mistakes I made.

I am always here to help and answer questions you may have and usually reply within 12 Hours.
Just remember there is no such thing as a stupid question and as you are on my Site you are probably here to learn and find out if something is AS good as people are saying it is or not.

I hope you enjoy reading my posts and reviews and find in me someone you can trust and will give you true and accurate information

Welcome and enjoy my Site.